Zenfox T3 a Three Channel Dashcam – from Blackboxmycar.com

When 2 channels isn’t enough the Zenfox T3 will give you front, rear and inside footage in an all in one Dashcam solution.

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The Zenfox T3 is a great option especially for taxi and uber drivers, or anyone looking for all-around coverage on the road. Offering coverage of the front, interior and rear of your vehicle, the Zenfox T3 provides clear images for accidents, attempted theft and other accidents. The front and rear camera offer a combined 300° field of view. Infrared lights are included so you can see what’s happening in the passenger cabin even at night.

The front camera is fitted with a 5MP Sony STARVIS IMX335 image sensor to offer you clear 2K QHD videos of the road ahead day and night. The camera view angle is 160-degrees, allowing it to capture a broader footage with fewer blind spots.

The camera can also be tilted in four directions for a better angle that best fits your need and the shape of your vehicle.

The T3 offers multiple bitrate options and uses the latest H.265 video recording codec for maximum quality, with H.264 as an option.

Also mounted on the main (front) camera is the interior IR camera that captures the activities inside your vehicle.

The interior IR camera is designed with rideshare drivers and vloggers in mind. The camera uses a Sony STARVIS IMX307 image sensor that is capable of recording in 1080p Full HD and can retain its picture quality even in grayscale.

The Zenfox T3 comes with a built-in GPS that you can use to record your speed and route data in your video footage files. The GPS will also synchronize the T3’s internal clock with the GPS time so that your video files can be correctly time-stamped.

Did you know that your footage with speed and location information can be used a defense if you believe you received the ticket in error or need evidence to dispute wrongful claims.

The Zenfox T3’s built-in Dual Band WiFI lets you connect with the Zenfox mobile app to control dash cams settings on the spot. The mobile app also lets you watch a Live View of any or all the three cameras all at once. You can also download recorded videos directly from the camera to your phone without having to remove the SD card inside.

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