Month: January 2019

Stupid Bright LED Tinted Side Markers from Luxe

Luxe is now offering high quality LED side marker replacements for the 2015+ Dodge Challenger pre-wrapped in LightWrap.  I am totally impressed with these inexpensive LightWrap covered full replacement LED Side Markers. These come fully tested and with a 1 year Warranty!


These lights are imported and tested in their facility before being wrapped, so they guarantee they are 100% functional when you get them, and they come with a 1 year warranty.  You will receive them perfectly wrapped and ready for install.  The base light is clear, which gives us a great pallet to match any color car.  Light Smoke looks amazing on white, silver, and light color cars, Mid Smoke is perfect on granite crystal and darker colors, and dark smoke for any color where you want a murdered out look.


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