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This page will be dedicated to discounts on Products I have tested and are WorkPlayDrive Approved.  I have personally tested these products and worked out discounts with the company to share with my friends, family and subscribers.   If you are interested in having WorkPlayDrive review and support your product please check out this page for more info.




Discount Code “workplaydrive”  (15% off entire order)

Website: (affiliate link)

Luxe Auto Concepts has a lot to offer.  Their kits are designed to merge with the tint already outlining the tail lights and the reflectors and side marker tint folds over the edges so none of the original light is exposed.  This coupled with the air release vinyl they used makes installation very quick and easy.   Kits are sent with everything you need to clean and install the tint.

Check out the Photos and Video I have on Luxe Tint

When using the affiliate link and code “workplaydrive” a % of the sale will be held so I can use towards free product for future testing, Videos and giveaways.  Your purchase saves you money and supports my Channel. 




zAutomotive TaZer

Discount Code “workplaydrive”  5% offtazer-1-300x300

Unlock the true potential of your ride with the TaZer.  If you don’t know what the TaZer is check out my Growing YouTube Playlist – zAutomotive TaZer Videos Here are some of my personal Favorite features

  • Line Lock – Video
  • Light Show
  • Splash Screen change – Video
  • Shift Light – Video
  • Navigation In motion
  • Video Input Unlock
  • SRT Pages and Drive Modes
  • …and more stuff I haven’t even covered yet
When using the affiliate link and code “workplaydrive” a % of the sale will be held so I can use towards free product for future testing, Videos and giveaways.  Your purchase saves you money and supports my Channel. 





Discount Code “workplaydrive”  15% off

Known for their Defender Series Competition Products, Rock solid Parts made in the USA for your Dodge Challenger, Charger, Dart, Magnum and Chrysler 300. Quality finish and priced competitively, even more now with your 15% Discount.  We will be installing the Defender Series Competition Skid Plate in the next few weeks.


Discount Code “workplaydrive”  7% off

Officially WorkPlayDrive approved vendor, if you need your seat belts repaired or re-webbed in custom colors is the ONLY place to go.   They re-webbed the belts on my 2015 Scat Pack with Red Edge belts and they turned out beautiful

Photos & Video





Hemifam F2B34B35-FC98-439F-87DA-2B48D41E6605

Discount Code “workplaydrive”  10% off


Join the fam grab your grear and save some cash with the WorkPlayDrive discount.  While your at it check out the Hemifam network for some great content.

Follow Hemifam also has some great quality parts like splitters, intakes, LED kits and more, but my discount does not apply to all mod items. Check them out today!




Discount Code “workplaydrive”  10% offGrdian

After testing a few different brands in the moderate Price range that provide GPS functionality and High Quality video GRDIAN comes to the rescue with it’s DEFENDR+ dash cam.  After over 3 weeks of solid usage and testing I am very satisfied with the results, reliability, footage quality and how it easily disappears behind my Challenger mirror.


IMPORTANT: Do not cheap out on the memory cards, yes there are inexpensive cards on the market, but they do not stand up to the constant overwriting of high quality video.  They also cannot stand up to the heat and cold extremes your camera will be subjected to.  I highly recommend you purchase one of the following high performance cards to keep your footage safe.


Installation is Simple please check out my install video for help with hiding the wiring.

Raw uncompressed Dash cam footage You must (Right Click and Save As) Then play using your normal media player Quicktime, VLC Player or Windows Media Player recommended

The 2 videos below are worst case Daytime fopotage, same place and time driving into morning low hanging Sun, the only difference between the 2 is a $6 CPL (ploarizer) filter added to eliminate dash glare.

DAY DRIVING (right click and save)
This is 1920×1080 with the camera as is out of the box, quality is good, but with all dash cams the dashboad glare annoys me. I use the footage for cruising videos and other stuff so I prefer a clean video.

CPL FILTER ADDED (right click and save)
This is 1920 x 1080 with a stick on CPL (polarizer) I picked it up from eBay for $6.00 for another camera and it happen to stick on this one as well almost eliminating the glare

More Footage

2560×1080 FOOTAGE (right click and save)
The GRDIAN also has a 2560 x 1080 mode which is really nice, here is the raw footage from a club run.

NIGHT DRIVING (right click and save)
1920 x 1080 Night footage (note, I have tinted headlights and these roads have almost no lighting I need to find some clips on well lit highways.

When using the code “workplaydrive” a % of the sale will be put towards free product for future contests and giveaways.  We at workplaydrive (which is just me at the moment) are NOT in it for the money, we want to help, share experiences and our thoughts with you or loyal subscribers and followers. 




Discount Code “10off



WorkPlayDrive Approved!

Amazing Mount installed in my 2015 Challenger.  The ProClip consists of a part designed for your vehicle married with a part designed for your Phone and it’s case.  The mount is adjustable, it tilts, swivels and the phone is locked in place yet easy to adjust and remove.  the perfect solution for your phone.  Their site walks you through the purchase process to ensure everything fits.


Check out these videos I have on the ProClip