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This page will be dedicated to discounts on Products I have tested and are WorkPlayDrive Approved.  I have personally tested these products and worked out discounts with the company to share with my friends, family and subscribers.   If you are interested in having WorkPlayDrive review and support your product please check out this page for more info.

Luxe Auto Concepts

Luxe Discount Code “WPD2022”  (5% off most products)

Website: (affiliate link)

Luxe Auto Concepts has a lot to offer.  Their kits are designed to merge with the tint already outlining the tail lights and the reflectors and side marker tint folds over the edges so none of the original light is exposed.  This coupled with the air release vinyl they used makes installation very quick and easy.   Kits are sent with everything you need to clean and install the tint.

Check out the Photos and Video I have on Luxe Tint

When using the affiliate link and code “workplaydrive” a % of the sale will be held so I can use towards free product for future testing, Videos and giveaways.  Your purchase saves you money and supports my Channel. 

Tailhappy’s Garage

Tailhappy’s Garage Discount Code “workplaydrive” $10 off

Neutral Pull covers for the Challenger and charger Check out my video on them.

Neutral Pull Cover Challenger –
Neutral Pull cover Charger –

Merrick MotorsportsMerrick Motorsports Discount

Discount Code “WORKPLAYDRIVE”  ($5.00 off your order)

Website: Merrick Motorsports

One man shop making and shipping these awesome products.  They come in many colors, anodized (like mine) and custom painted orders.  This product is WorkPlayDrive approved.

Video – Installing on the WPD Challenger and first thoughts


MFER-1 Active Exhaust Fix

Discount code: WorkPlayDrive ($10.00 Off)


Expires: November 13, 2018

Install Video coming soon… Too many mods too little time

The MFER-1 allows your Active Exhaust to stay open all the time without the Check Engine light issues some face when removing the module.  This system bolts to your exhaust and allows the system to think it’s working while keeping the butterfly locked in the open position.


RimPro-Tec Wheel Bands

Discount Code “workplaydrive”  (20% off your order)


Easily installed and replaceable wheel protection for your car.  Installed and tested on the WorkPlayDrive Challenger.  Check out the video below for more info.

RimPro-Tec is the worldwide leader of rim protection and wheel style products. Their products come in numerous colors to match or complement your vehicle. Don’t let your car be de-valued with scuffed, scratched or damaged wheels. Protect and Style them with RimPro-Tec!

Discount Code see my latest video

Officially WorkPlayDrive approved vendor, if you need your seat belts repaired or re-webbed in custom colors is the ON place to go.   They re-webbed the belts on my 2015 Scat Pack with Red Edge belts and they turned out beautiful

Photos & Video

When using the code “workplaydrive” a % of the sale will be put towards free product for future contests and giveaways.  We at workplaydrive (which is just me at the moment) are NOT in it for the money, we want to help, share experiences and our thoughts with you or loyal subscribers and followers.