Month: July 2016

VLOG 01 is online now

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I give some updates on the Calipers, my experience with VHT Nightshade (full VHT video coming soon) and talk about that collaboration I mentioned in my test vlog.

Shout out to r/challenger for all the useful info and consistent damage to my bank account for all the cool parts and product ideas!

PowerWheels videos


Kids were on the show “RightThisMinute”

The individual clip is the second clip in this video


—————– If you are reading this Count how many times I say “uh” in this video. 😉

pillow talk – Jeff Kaale
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Kids were on the show “RightThisMinute”

Pretty cool our YouTube Video as part of the July 12th airing of RightThisMinute

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Cautious Older Cousin Turns Into Total Backseat Driver On Toy Car Ride

Many older children feel the need to be protective of younger children. This little girl listened respectfully to her older cousin’s driving lesson while patiently waiting her turn to drive the toy car. When she finally took the wheel her older cousin was intimidated by her need for speed and asked to drive again. You’ve got to see him physically trying to turn the steering wheel and clutching a side rail. Eventually, both cousins got in their own toy vehicles and got to enjoy driving all around the huge yard.

Hosted By: Christian Written By: Esther Found By: Taylor S
Posted: 7/12/16 05:00 AM MST