60,000 Lumens of Removable Off Road lighting | featuring Auxbeam Pro Series

I’m sure some of you out there are like me and enjoy taking their daily drivers off-road, but don’t do it enough to warrant a dedicated vehicle or spend thousands of dollars on lighting. 

Auxbeam Discount code = WPD10 for 10% off your order

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Auxbeam Discount code = WPD10 for 10% off your order

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*Auxbeam lighting includes all the wiring, relay and switch required, but if you plan to do multiple lights and want t controller here are 2 great options.

Removable Off-road Lighting Solution

I wanted bright but budget-friendly off-road lighting for my 2019 Ram Rebel.  However, having over 60,000 lumens on top of my truck is not something I wanted to drive around with daily.  I didn’t want to drill in a roof rack, compromising the roof integrity or my surprisingly quiet cabin.  And of course, let’s face it, it would be way too tempting to unleash the full force of my lighting on someone for cutting me off.   

In today’s video I will cover my off-road  lighting solution, showing both a round driving light option  and a lightbar option that you can take on or off in just a few minutes.  

I went with Auxbeam for our Quality yet budget friendly lighting.  We have used Auxbeam in the past, upgrading the Magnum with Auxbeam LED headlights, tail lights, blinkers, and even interior LEDs a few years back.  My Ram 1500 has had the hood-mounted Auxbeam 4” amber ditch lights for months, and they’ve been great. 

The hard part was selecting a lighting mount solution that I could easily take on and off while on a trail or beach in just a few minutes.  At first thought about the clamp on roof rack systems, but the starting price was over $250 for one mounting rail setting the project price too high.  I wanted to test out industrial suction cups.  I figured if they can support a bike rack and heavy DSLR camera setups, they can indeed hold up a few pounds of lights.  

These $30 suction cups support a working load of 70 pounds each and a peak load of 110 pounds.  The surface the contacts your vehicle is soft and has not caused any damage to the paint on my roof after many uses.  These suctions cups hold strong even in extremely bumpy, windy, and wet conditions. (Note: the surface must be clean and dry when installing.  Water under the suction cups will cause slippage.

Before I detail each of my lighting setups, if you choose to use my Auxbeam or Amazon affiliate links and discount codes, please know they give me a small percentage of their profits which helps the channel pay for supplies, tools, and products to test.  So thank you guys for your continued support.

My first setup was the 16,666 Lumen pair of Auxbeam 7” 360-Pro Series Driving lights.  At the time of this video, the street price is $269.99.  If you use my discount code in the description below, they go down to $243.00.  The aluminum bar stock is from Lowes for $18, along with the 1/4 -20 bolts and washers for another $8.  For this mount, I went with 3 suction cups at $30.00 each.  All in, you’re looking at $360 for this entire setup, and Auxbeam includes the wiring harness, switch and relay, all prewired in the box that connects to the lights with waterproof connectors.

The 7” 360-Pro Series driving lights were pretty awesome, but I knew some of you are Lightbar fanatics so..  I reached out to Auxbeam, explained what I was doing, and asked if they would help us by giving us a discount on their new 5D-Pro Series light bars.  They went all in and shipped us their 42” 5D-Pro Series combo lightbar coming it at 44,000 lumens.  They not only sent it free of charge, but Auxbeam also set us up a discount code to share with our subscribers!  Our current Auxbeam Discount code is WPD10, and you can always check the video description for updated codes.

At the time of this video and with my discount below, you can get the 42” 5D-Pro Series for only $234… yes, $234 for a 44,000-lumen lightbar with 4 focused projector beams and dual rows of both spots and floods.  Like the 360-Pro Series, the lightbar ships with the wiring harness, switch, relay, and weatherproof connector. 

I tried two different methods for mounting the 5D-Pro Series lightbar.  At first, I went with their bottom mount, it worked well and was very sturdy, but I was limited on my aiming angles.  With the windshield sloping downward, I needed a little more height than this method offered.   So I went with the standard side mount, which Auxbeam included as well.   I found the side mount gave me much more flexibility to aim the light.  To complete this setup add 2 suctions cups at $30.00 each, $4 in 1/4-20 bolts and washers, and this setup will run $298 fully assembled.

I like having the flexibility of using the lightbar or driving lights, or both.  This solution will work with most lighting brands, but if you’re looking for a well-designed set of bright yet affordable lighting, consider checking out AuxBeam.

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