Product Review Process

I personally review products, in most cases I research the product I need, contact the vendor and work out a free sample in return for a review, install video and promoting through my channels.  If you would like workplaydrive to promote your product please read the below before contacting me to make sure we are a good fit.


For information on WorkPlayDrive Approved Products please see my Product Discounts page.


The focus of this channel is to provide honest, accurate and positive information to anyone who happens to stumble upon my media.


Contact/Follow us:



We do not post reviews on products we do feel do not meet our standards, we value our credibility in the communities we frequent and WILL NOT support a product just because we received a free sample or any other perk.



The info we provide to the best of our efforts is accurate, in most cases we work directly with the product owner to confirm all details before posting any media on the product.



If we find your product does not meet our standards we will NOT be posting a negative review, we will scrap the footage and return the product if applicable.  We find that negativity can harm a brand and while we feel our opinion matters, our efforts are best spent supporting brands and products rather than insulting them.

Exception to the positive rule:   If we feel a product is dangerous, will damage property, we have been wronged by shady business practices etc.  We will do a best effort to work with the business to fix the issue, if they do not respond or fix the situation we reserve the right to make a public statement to warn friends, family and online communities.



Any cash earned through Affiliate Links or promotions will be used to grow the channel and provide give away items to our subscribers.  We also accept additional free product for future workplaydrive projects that will result in good content for our subscribers.  Other promotional items with your brand like T-Shirts stickers etc will be accepted for use in the related video or to be given away.  We will not give away bad product to our followers.


Free Product

If you have a product you would like us to test, review or even give away.  We will gladly accept and put through the process outlined on this page.  If the product does not make the workplaydrive approved list we will return if applicable.


My Promotion Process 

After receiving the product It is added to our queue, we do our best to provide quality content so we usually shoot one week and edit the next.  We try to keep our videos brief, informative and the best possibly quality.


We DO NOT SPAM, we will promote your product once on all our channels, (Website, Facebook, Facebook groups, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, forums and wherever else applicable), We will track those posts and respond to questions and interact with people as we don’t believe in drive by postings.


Car Products – My car is a daily driver (except when snow and salt are on the ground) It’s seen daily, and shown 1 – 3 times weekly in the spring, summer and fall months.  I love to talk about it, shoot photos and cruise. Your product will be seen, discussed and tagged regularly.  We will be adding other cars to the workplaydrive family in the near future.


We will tag your company regularly on social media whenever your product is in the picture, mentioned in other videos etc.


Community Supporters (important)

If your product is workplaydrive approved we would love to offer discounts, giveaways and other ideas you may have to promote our channel as well as your business. We firmly believe that a product that supports and interacts with it’s users and their communities is worth promoting.

If large scale discounts (public internet) is not an option please consider short term / limited qty discounts for first viewers or private discounts for our local car club of just over 500 members.


Thank you for your consideration