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Top 2 Dashcams – Thinkware Q800 Pro vs Blackvue DR900 S – from


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Thanks to our new sponsor we have the top 2 dash cams on the market to play with the Thinkware Q800PRO and the Blackvue DR900S-2CH. Our first video covers the selection process, what lead me to choose these 2 cameras and which one I feel will meet my needs the best. Our next video in the series will cover the installation of a hard wired dual camera dash cam with buffered parking mode and the last video will close out the series with a comparison video.


“Thinkware Q800PRO is the latest and greatest from Thinkware capable of recording in 2K QHD 1440p. Available with an optional rear camera, the Q800PRO offers a fully featured and refined dash cam setup. Day time and night time video quality is excellent with the 5.14MP Sony STARVIS image sensor and is among the best of 2 channel dash cams.”

Thinkware Q800Pro as shown in video  (affiliate link)



“The Blackvue DR900S-2CH redefines expectations for dash cam video quality and storage efficiency.
With its 8-megapixel CMOS sensor in the main unit, the DR900S-2CH captures 4K Ultra High Definition video – four times as many pixels as Full HD. The rear Full HD Sony STARVIS image sensor ensures best image quality under any light. Thanks to the H.265 (HEVC) compression, your videos look better and file size is kept as small as ever.”

Blackvue DR900 S as shown in this video (affiliate link)


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