zAutomotive inactive Exhaust – Electronic Active Exhaust Simulator

Quite possibly the easiest solution to eliminate your active exhaust modules without popping a check engine light.

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Only one kit required per vehicle; comes with parts to emulate BOTH exhaust valves.

If you want to remove the active exhaust valves on your Dodge or Chrysler vehicle, you need a valve simulator to prevent the Check-Engine light and diagnostic trouble codes.

Here is the simplest, fully electronic solution! Other options on the market are purely mechanical; require re-using the valves and mounting them to a dummy plate.


1: Crawl under vehicle and unplug both active exhaust valves.

2: Plug in the Inactive Exhaust modules. Secure in place with a zip-tie.

3: That’s it! You can leave the valves in place if you have a stock system and just want the valves open all the time. Or you can remove them completely – even sell them!

Great for those that:

just want the valves open full-time

want to remove or disable “noisy valves” as it is common for them to rattle

have faulty valves and don’t want the expense of replacing them

installing aftermarket exhaust and are completely removing the valves

This kit contains two parts – one is the inactive exhaust module, with an automotive-grade microprocessor that communicates with the vehicle to make it think that the valves are installed and functioning properly. The other part is a dummy waterproof connector to keep the second valve’s plug from corrosion.

Works on all systems used in Chargers, Challengers and 300’s from 2015 to present.

Proudly made in the USA!

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