New G-ON3 Dashcam and PowerCell8

Testing out the new GNET G-ON3 3-Channel Dash cam from our Friends at The install was pretty simple it took about an hour and a half to mount the cameras and run the wiring. This system has a QHD front Camera, an HD Rear camera and an interior camera with IR Cut off for great in cabin night footage.

I look forward to testing this new camera and my BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8 Battery Pack out over the next few weeks and sharing my feedback with you.

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3-Channel So You Don’t Miss Anything
The GNET G-ON3 offers complete recording coverage of your vehicle – making it the perfect dash cam solution for rideshare and anyone else who wants to record what happens inside the vehicle in addition to front of and behind.

Capture the front, rear and interior of your vehicle with wide-angle lenses: 140° front, 140° rear and 180° interior.

Clear Recording Quality Day and Night
HDR (High Dynamic Range) expands the range of brightness from the brightest to the darkest, as close as possible to what the human eye see. For example, apply HDR when passing through a dark tunnel adjusts the light reflections in the tunnel to bring color to life. When passing through a dazzling road, the sunlight is adjusted to make things look sharp.

Image Sensor:

  • Front : SONY IMX335 STARVIS 5MP CMOS Sensor HDR
  • Rear : SONY IMX323 EXMOR 2MP CMOS Sensor

Advanced File Compression
H.265 compression rate is up to 2 times higher than H.264. It means your 256GB microSD card with H.265 can contain more data as a 512GB microSd card with H.264.

With H.265 compression technology, your video resolution will go up, but your video file sizes aren’t changing one bit.

Exclusive withCLOUD® System
GNET’s withCLOUD® provides live video streaming, management tools, GPS tracking, GEO-fencing, and driving statistics. It allows you to playback recorded footage remotely anytime and anywhere, as long as the dash cam is connected to a wireless hotspot.

Other withCLOUD® features:

Live Streaming – You can monitor the driver and your vehicle as well as playback recorded footage.
Live GPS tracking – Let you know the location of the driver by tracking vehicle’s routes and monitor of a driver traffic conditions.
Driving Analytics Report – It allows you to view your driver details in one sheet. It can improve vehicle safety and driver safety by knowing how your drivers are driving.
Geo-Fence – With Geo-Fence,a designated location will be defined and notified to drivers with a security alert.

Safe Driving Assistance System
The free GNET app offers a smarter way to use your dash cam. Just connect your dash cam to your smartphone using the GNET mobile app and you can manage all camera settings including resolution, sensor, time, sound, cut-off voltage and more.

3 safety alerts:

  • Front Vehicle Start Alarm System
  • Front Collision Warning System
  • Lane Departure Warning System

Extended Parking Mode with Time Lapse

GNET Time Lapse supports continuous recording at 1FPS in parking mode. It finds optimized memory capacity and provides extremely longer recording time than normal parking mode.

In the event impact or motion is detected, recording is bumped up to 10FPS (motion) and 30FPS (impact), and the incident footage is saved in a separate folder on the microSD card.

Motion Detection: Movement in 3 metre range

All The Features At Your Fingertips
You can easily set up device registration, real-time video setup, recorded video list, and customer support through the mail screen. Using the Smartphone APP, you can upgrade the firmware and play video as well as configure various settings.

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