Lighting Upgrades!

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Lighting Controller

A lighting controller is more on the expensive side, but it eliminates the hassle of wiring up relays fuses and with a wireless controller you don’t have to pass wiring through the firewall for switches.

I picked up the Trigger 4 Plus which allows for a total of 4 lights 2 at 10 amps and 2 at 30 amps. the switch pod is wireless so you can cary it in your pocket and mount it in the cab with a magnetic base. If you need more lighting you can group multile trigger controllers together or grab the Trigger six shooter

My only issue with the Wireless switch panel is the backlight is always off until you flip a switch. Making me have to remember what’s what. And also no indication of what is on or off. I’m considering switching to one of the hardwired Auxbeam Switch panels so I have a clear backlit panel with ON/off indicators.

Ditch Lighting

The brackets are from zRoadz and these Zroadz ditch light Brackets are specially made for the 2019-2021 Ram 1500 Rebel . For my ditch lighting I used the Auxbeam 4″ amber pod lights which do a very good job lighting up to roadside and the Amber color provides less reflection in dusty, foggy and snowy situations.

Removable Roof Lighting

The first lights I received for my roof were the Auxbeam 360-Pro series 7″ Driving Lights These deliver 16,666 Lumens. I also have another removable setup for the AuxBeam 5D-Pro Series 42″ Light Bar which comes in at 44,000 Lumens. To hold up the Roof lights I’m using three 6″ industrial vacuum suction cup holders that support 70 punds load and peak load of 200lbs each. More info in This Video

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