zAutomotive Tazer – Speedometer Adjustment Tires with a Larger Sidewall Atturo AZ850 275/45/20


Larger sidewall? speedometer off? No Problem! The latest firmware on the zAutomotive Tazer allows you to easily adjust for changes in tire circumference. It takes about 10 minutes using the Tire calculator and the zAutomotive TaZer running the latest firmware and married to your vehicle.


I get all my tires from S&M Performance  – Great prices and FREE Shipping on the tires

  • Fronts are Atturo AZ850 275/40/20 (same circumference as stock 245/45/20)
  • Rears are Atturo AZ850 275/45/20 (14MM taller than the factory tires)


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Stuff in this video

  • Phone mounted in the Proclip
  • zAutomotive TaZer Discount Code: Code is in the video Code Expires on September 31, 2018 < Check my latest zAutomotive TaZer video for NEW CODES

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Recording Gear

Advanced Audio setup

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