zAutomotive TaZer – ZPU 1.4.9 and Firmware Upgrade 2.2.8 Fan and TPMS conrol


We’re back with another upgrade to the Z Automotive TaZer Firmware.  This time we are upgrading to ZPU Version 1.4.9 and TaZer Firmware 2.2.8, I’ll give you a list of the new features at the end.

Here are some of the new features added

  • The ability to control the engine fans while the car is in the run position with the engine off, very useful for waiting online at the Drag strip.  I have a video coming up on this in the next few days
  • TPMS disable so you can turn the Tire Pressure sensors off it you are running your drag tires or your winter tires without sensors
  • The ability to set Daytime running light type for USA, Canada or none and which lights to use
  • He also added a button press to exit the menu, a fix to the light show loops and some code cleanup.

For more info on this head back to that’s TaZer page and   and check out the installation and operation manual for the latest firmware.


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