Luxe Forged Carbon – Chopped Interior Trim

I installed the Luxe Forged Carbon Chopped Metallic vinyl in my dashboard and center console trim to compliment my new Forged Carbon Steering wheel. Each piece took just over an hour to wrap and the results were amazing.

Originally I wrapped it and left the silver trim ring around the edges and I was not happy with the results. You can see photos in the video at 0:19 so I peeled it off and wrapped the entire trim piece.

This is not an instructional video, but I do offer a few tips and as requested I show the entire wrap process for both pieces. Be sure to check out the Awesome Color Matched Paddle Shifters from CCH Customs and my new Forged Carbon Steering Wheel.

Luxe Auto Concepts Stuff (affiliate)

  1. Luxe Forged Carbon Chopped Metallic Gloss
  2. Luxe Stainless Pro Cutting Knife
  3. Luxe White Squeegee with optional buffer
  4. Luxe 3-piece Micro Squeegee Vinyl Applicator
  5. Luxe Soft Mini Squeegee

Required Tools (Amazon Affiliate)

  1. Porter Cable Heat Gun
  2. Interior Trim Tools
  3. 3M Knifeless Finishline tape

Paddle Shifters from CCH Customs (NON-Affiliate)
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