Dyno Pull TEASER – NoWeeds vs Stock Exhaust


Put in your guess, Poll in the upper Right. More horsepower with the Noweeds Exhaust Diverter Systems open or closed?
I’ve got a video coming soon with My thoughts on the system and Dyno results from 8 Pulls 4 with them open and 4 closed.  Special thanks to Jay and his team at NJ Bent Wheel. Professional wheel repair for taking excellent care in holding her down and taking the time to run through these pulls with me.


Sound Gear used (Amazon affiliate links)

Back Story…

I’ve been looking for a louder exhaust for a long time, I didn’t want the loud raspy sound of a mid Muffler delete or the drone of a resonator delete. I really enjoyed the sound produced by the stock scat pack exhaust, but at times I wanted to rattle some windows.

The noWeeds exhaust diverter system really hits that sweet spot. The install can be done in the driveway on jack stands (even though a lift would be MUCH easier) with absolutely NO welding. Even better the pipes you cut out can be reinstalled easily if you ever want to go back to stock.

My measurements show a very small loss of 5/8 of an inch of ground clearance to accommodate for the motors

More about NoWeeds
The Kit that I purchased for my 2015 Challenger Scat Pack is the NoWeeds 2015 Hellcat system

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