Disassembly of 2015+ Challenger Rear Interior and Install of SeatbeltPlanet.com custom Seat Belts


In this video I detail how to completely remove the back seat area of my 2015 Dodge Challenger. Removing seats, interior Trim and the rear deck to install my new custom seat belts from Seatbeltplanet.com.

This video can be used as an instructional video if you need to access all the rear speakers, run wiring or simply remove the seats for weight reduction.


Table of Contents

00:01 – About This Video
03:15 – Tools needed
03:48 – 2015+ Challenger Rear Seat Removal
06:45 – Quick discussion on progress
08:31 – 2015+ Challenger Rear Armrest Trim removal
11:26 – 2015+ Challenger tweeter disconnect
11:55 – 2015+ Challenger Rear C Pillar Trim removal
15:29 – 2015+ Challenger close up of C Pillar trim straps for Air Bag
17:01 – 2015+ Challenger Rear Deck removal
18:15 – 2015+ Challenger Rear Deck seat belt removal
19:06 – 2015+ Challenger Rear Side seat belt removal
21:07 – 2015+ Challenger Rear Seat belt Install new redline belts from SeatbeltPlanet.com
24:19 – 2015+ Challenger Rear seat area reassembly
38:03 – Finished product

Stuff you saw in this video 

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