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We put a lot of time and effort into our cars, and of course money.  The more we do, the more we are concerned with parking it places.  I have an awesome dash cam and I want to use it for extended parking more, but at times I’m worried about my battery. 


 If you don’t have a dash cam already check out these 2 videos 


If you do, I’ve got yet another exclusive from, that will allow for up to 48-hours (about 2 days) of parking mode recording without ever taking a sip of your car battery.  I want to thank for sending me this product for free to install and evaluate.  They are one of a small group of companies I work with that allow me to speak freely on their products.   


They have been selling battery packs at for the last 8 years and they took what they learned along the way to create their own.   Here is the branded BI-750 Battery Pack.

The Bi-750 is thinner and longer so it’s easier to hide than many other brands.  A brief review of the specs on paper.   when comparing to the Cell Link NEO it has 5% more power capacity at 96Wh (compared to the Cellink’s 76.8Wh) This means for a 1-CH, get up to 48-hours of parking mode (compared with the 40 hours and for a 2-CH, get up to 30 hours of parking mode (compared with the 25 hours from the Cellink NEO)


You have a couple of charging options, included in the box is the simple yet effective power port, AKA cigarette lighter which will get you to full charge in 80 minutes.  


Real world numbers. 

I installed it in my car with the slowest charging method which of course is also the easiest to install.  Simply connect it to your power port and use the right output for your cam.  My Blackview has accelerometer-based parking mode so the simple power port is all I need.   


A typical Day 

  • 15-minute drive to work Battery is at 100% at 9am. 
  • Lunch at 11:51 and the battery is at 90%.  
  • 8-minute drive and I park for 15 to get lunch and coffee 
  • 8-minute drive to the office and I’m back at 99% 
  • 4:13 I head over to a meeting, I arrive 30 minutes later at 4:42 and I’m back at 97%  
  • 7PM I head out to a meet battery is  90%,  
  • 40 minutes round trip and the battery is back at 100% 
  • I park the car and 19 hours later it’s at 31% showing 9 hours remain.    


That puts me at 28 hours which is very close to the promised 30 hours. 


Also included is the much faster dual charging mode you can achieve full charge in just 40 minutes using the hard-wired connection to 2 accessory ports with the free add a fuse.  Be sure to grab the correct fuse for your vehicle.  Lastly you have a direct battery connection sold separately, which will also offer the faster charging. 


Output options 

In the box you will get a power plug so for cameras like my Blackvue with accelerometer-initiated Parking mode it is a super simple set up just to plug in the power port, connect the camera , then stash the box.  Now other Cams like the Thinkware and Viofo need hardwire kits that have battery and accessory wires to start parking mode. Do not worry has thought of that and you can select the hardwire option you need at Purchase.  
The BI-750 has a Bluetooth app, after a quick and easy connection process you can monitor things like input and output voltage, amperage, charge status and temperature.   You can adjust settings, grab the user manual for both the hardware and app.   


Another cool thing to mention is it has not one but two USB charging ports, these can be used to power your hotspot for cloud connected cams.  I found these USB ports especially useful on a camping trip when I forgot my power pack.  I was able to pull the battery out of the car and bring it into the tent to charge our devices.   
The convenience of parking mode without worry has been awesome.  I sent them a few suggestions regarding the power switch for those of us who park our cars for extended periods of time.  I can easily reach in the glove box and turn it off, but I would love to see a bigger or even a remote wired or app based on/off switch.  Otherwise for BlackBoxMyCar’s first battery they nailed it with the size and features.  So far, the performance of the BI-750 has been remarkably close to the on-paper specifications. 


I will be sure to update you guys in future videos on how the BI-750 performs over time.  almost forgot, if you need more than 48 hours then you can stack on an extended battery pack or 2, or 3… 

In the Box 

  • BlackboxMyCar BI-750 Dash Cam Battery
  • Add-A-Fuse of your choice
  • Cigarette Lighter Plug Input Power Cable
  • Cigarette Lighter Socket
  • ACC Input Cable
  • Power Output Cable
  • 2 Velcro Strips
  • User Manuals


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