2015+ Challenger Rear Fender Paint Protection Kit

I’ve been on the fence with mud flaps for almost 2 years now.  I want the protection and like the look some days while other times I’m not sure.  When Luxe sent me some precision cut Paint Protection Film (PPF) to check out, I think they nailed exactly what I needed!  This is a slightly more advanced install unlike the Luxe tint kits you are used to.  The average person can install it with the supplies provided in the kit.  If you are on the fence with the install I have a full install video coming out next week which includes some good tips because like most of you this was my FIRST TIME installing PPF on a vehicle.


Don’t want to tape off your burn out zone… Not a fan of mud flaps?  How about some nearly invisible Paint Protection film from Luxe Auto Concepts.

Get them here: 2015+ Challenger Rear Fender Paint Protection

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  • surface prep spray
  • application fluid
  • 2x microfiber cloths
  • mini squeegee – medium stiffness
  • complete set of 3M PPF PRO Series overlays


  • custom designed & cut overlays for your car
  • easy application & conformability
  • great optical clarity(hard to see that film is even there)
  • self healing film
  • This film is self healing! If you scratch this film, pour hot water on it or use a heat gun/ hair dryer & watch the scratches disappear!!!!


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