ZL1 Addons Challenger Rear Diffuser


After failing on my first Rear Diffuser purchase I went out and purchased the Rear Diffuser from ZL1 Addons. I’m really digging the look it’s subtle yet aggressive and is functional as per the ZL1 site.

Even though some of the surfaces are a teeny bit rough for my hyper critical OCD and the plastic is darker than the stock valence it’s OK from viewing height. I’m not knocking the product I just like to make people with heightened OCD like myself aware of exactly what they are getting so they can make informed decisions.

It’s priced perfect for the look and functionality and I am really impressed with the no drill install. It looks like a lot of thought went into designing this product and I can honestly say it’s money very well spent.

Great product ZL1!!!

ZL1 Addons Challenger 15’-18’ Diffuser
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From The ZL1 Site

The ZL1 Challenger diffuser for the 2015 to 2018 Challenger including Hellcat. Comes with belly pan to smooth and diffuser the air coming out from under the car. This is made to work using the 5 to 10 deg angle of diffuser with belly pan. Comes with mounting hardware.

NOTE: please let them know if you have threaded or un-threaded rear differential cross member. This will determine the hardware required for mounting. You MUST verify ahead of ordering.

If your rear end is un-threaded you will need a Rivnut Tool to install the hardware nuts that the bolts will screw into.



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