Niche Wheels and Billet Technology Hub Centric spacers on the AWD Magnum


When purchasing wheels and tires there are a lot of factors to consider (see below). Many people assume if the bolt pattern fits than the rest will be correct, that could not be further from the truth. I spent a lot of time searching for wheels that would fit my AWD magnum. and even knowing the facts I messed up…

Luckily Billet Technology saved the day with 4 sets of 3mm Hub Centric Spacers

Niche Verona  Model Other: M168
Partnumber: M168188091+40
or reach out to Lighting Trendz
Mistake #1 When I finally found a pair that I loved I guess I was worn down from searching and totally missed the wheel bore specs. I purchased a wheel with a smaller bore 70.6 than my wheel hub 71.6. You will see in this video I used 6mm in BT Hub Centric spacers to get the wheels past the hub so they would mount flush.

Mistake #2 was mounting the wheels and tires before test fitting, I had an open slot of time to deliver the wheels and tires to be mounted and I rushed it, I didn’t test fit them and had the tires mounted and balanced. Once mounted most places will NOT take back the wheels.

To be honest I wasn’t about to return the wheels, because I liked the design of the Niche Verona wheels my goal was to make them fit and with some help from our friends at Billet Technology we did just that 😉


Bolt pattern – Proper bolt pattern is required for proper lug fitment, while some bolt patterns are “close enough” like the mopar 5×115 and Mustang 5×114.3 it’s arguably not safe to use.

Wheel Offset – This is the distance in millimeters the hub mounting surface is from center. A positive offset is towards the front of the wheel face, a negative offset is towards the back of the wheel. The wheels I purchased are a +40 offset which is 40mm off center towards the face of the wheel. This is in spec for the AWD Magnum.
Backspacing – This is the distance from the hub mounting surface to the back edge of the wheel. Backspacing is 1/2 the wheel width +/- the offset. The backspacing is important to consider, when you have a high positive offset as it may interfere with suspension components.

Center Bore – If your wheel is lug centric (lugs center the wheel) where the lugs openings are tapered, the lugs are conical or balled and tightening the lugs pulls the wheels into a centered position you simply need to make sure the wheel’s bore is LARGER than your hub. If your wheels are hub centric the Wheel center bore and the vehicle’s hub must be the same size or larger and hub centric rings must be used to fill the gap and better center the wheel.

Spacers – (optional) Spacers can be used to assist in getting the right offset, or clearing big brake kits on tight wheels configurations or in my case pushing me out to clear the hub bore issue. When high quality spacers are used they can be a safe alternative to giving up the wheels you love due to fitment issues.

Tire Height / Tire Width / Tire Circumference – all equally important. Tire height and circumference may affect the wheel’s ability to turn within the fender, getting a wheel larger or smaller than the stock will affect the speedometer’s accuracy. Also with AWD and 4WD cars you need to make sure you have 4 tires with the same height/circumference to prevent damage to the drive train. Lastly getting a tire too thin or too wide for your wheels may be dangerous as well. If you want to look into wider wheel and tire combinations Tire calculator sites can help you determine what will work best on your vehicle.


Stuff you saw in this video


My Wheel and Tire Details

Niche Verona  Model Other: M168
Partnumber: M168188091+40
Color: Gloss Black
Backspacing: 6.1
Offset: 40
Wheelsize: 18
Wheelwidth: 8
Hubbore: 70.60
Wheel Exposed Lugs: Yes
Wheel Material: Alloy
Wheel Weight: 29 lbs
Shipping Weight: 29 lbs
Wheel Structure: One Piece
Wheel Spoke Number: 8
Introduced: 2016
Boltpattern: 5×115
Atturo AZ850 255/55ZR18
Aspect Ratio: 55
Inflated Diameter: 29.1
Inflated Width: 10.4
Load Index: 109
Load Range: XL
Max Load Pressure: 2271@50
Revs Per Mile: 733
Section Width: 255
Service Description: 109Y
Sidewall: Black
Speed Index: Y
Tempature: A
Tire Rim Diameter: 18
Tire Type: Performance
Traction: A
Tread Depth: 10
Tread Wear: 260
UTQG: 260 A A
Weight: 34.5
Warranty: Manufactures Warranty Only


 Stuff you saw in this video

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