New Luxe Auto Concepts LightWrap – California Blackout Tour!

The New LightWrap is here! This stuff was impressing wrap shops and Car owners all over Southern California.


If you’ve tried wrapping your lights with wet apply film or other random vinyls and don’t like the results this is the stuff you need. After spending 5 days laying down Vinyl all over California last week I can say with certainty this stuff applies so easily. The stretchability and air release makes is super easy to apply. As you can see from this video tail lights were being done in minutes with a deep black tone.

Luxe Auto Concepts
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Table of Contents
0:40 Wrapping full challenger tails
4:10 Rental Mercedes LOL
6:07 3dwrapz Mercedes
8:10 Ghost Motorsports RENTAL BMW
9:35 Rental Mercedes Mirror
10:23 Chrome Delete
10:43 At Spring Fest 13 300 Tails
11:02 The 300 goes vroom vroom
11:14 Avant Garde Wheels BMW



A post shared by Mike (@workplaydrive) on

A post shared by Mike (@workplaydrive) on

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