Why I chose the Atturo AZ850 – widest Tire? AZ800 vs AZ850 – What are those dots for?


Why did I chose the Atturo AZ850, what’s the widest Tire on a stock Challenger 20×9″ wheel, AZ800 vs AZ850, what are those dots for?  All this and more in this video. I dug in to the Atturo tires to see what all the hype was about, with all the good info and reviews why not go with a set and see for myself. #helpfullybeuseful

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Tires and Performance parts


The AZ800 was a great tire and designed as a dry road tire, it’s got a very cool tread pattern and sidewall. This would have been my first choice based on looks alone. Although it’s an all season performance tire It’s been noted that the AZ800 has a little more difficulty stopping on wet surfaces and grip issues as well. It also does not perform well in the snow. Being my daily driver I needed to move on to the AZ850 for it’s superior wet handling.


The AZ850 was an improvement it’s long deep treads in my opinion not as cool looking as the 800 but offer excellent driving and grip on all terrain wet or dry.

  • Manufactured to run at high speeds for longer without getting unnecessarily heated.
  • The outer treads are wider for better cornering
  • Speed rating of Y which is a max speed of 186MPH
  • Load index of 106 which will support our cruise ships without breaking a sweat at 2094lbs per tire.
  • Also available in a run flat version however for performance use this is not recommended.


With the 275 wide tires I knocked the sidewall to 40% to keep the tire height the same. As you can see here the tire sizes are nearly identical, the one in the back is inflated so it appears a little bigger. Some like keeping the 45 sidewall for increased height this will fill the wheel gap and give a little more sidewall flex on launch, this will work but it will affect your speedometer accuracy.



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