Cervinis Challenger Shaker Kit Part 2 (6.4L / 392 Hemi) Installing the Hood


The Cervini’s Shaker kit totally transformed my Scat Pack into the mean machine it is today. The install is relatively quick and easy for 2 people to perform and can be completed in a few hours.


Part 2
This video covers the Cervini’s hood install, the shaker kit will be covered in Part 3. Hood install, alignment and the little issues we faced.


Black 392 Hemi badge, not OEM but looks good, I needed to DIP this one because the 392 was satin and the HEMI was gloss. They have been on since August and no issues so far…  http://a.co/h2HfhLH  You can get really nice color matched ones from from American Brother Designs, but they are OVER 20X the price each so for this mod I went china special.





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