zAutomotive TaZer version 2 4 – Marry and One Press Return to Stock

Marry your car to the  zAutomotive TaZer to version 2.4


Note: Before you can use this video you must upgrade to Version 2.4 or above See this Video


New Features in 2.4

  • One touch return to stock – Download Factory settings to your tazer, for one-touch return to stock configurations
  • Auto-Drive Mode (16+ SCAT/SRT/HELLCAT): Vehicle will be able to start in whichever Drive mode selection you would like (Sport/Custom/Track/Default)
  • Auto- Drive mode (15+ SXT/RT): Vehicle will be able to start in Sport Mode
  • Auto-Drive Mode (12+ Durango/Jeep GC): vehicle will be able to start in sport mode/auto turn traction control off
  • Auto Start/Stop Disable (15+ Durango/ Jeep GC) : Automatically disable Auto Start/Stop when the car is started if desired
  • Modify Tire Size: Corrects speedometer for non-factory tire size
  • Modify Tire Pressure: Corrects TPMS for lower or higher tire pressure (FRONT/Rear)
  • IN-Motion (2017) – Enter address into your GPS unit while the car is in motion
  • Easy Exit Seating (2015+ Challenger/Charger): upon vehicle shut off. Steering wheel and seat will go to further position for easy vehicle exit
  • Updated Button Mapping: COOL DOWN MODE Now added to button mapping feature / Drive Modes to work even with eco mode on*
  • Line lock update (16+ Scat/SRT/HELLCAT): Vehicle Will automatically go into custom drive mode once line lock is released
  • Auto-reboot – no need to wait for vehicle shut-down and manually reboot radio before settings take place. This is now all automatic (most cars)
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements


Stuff you saw in this Video


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