Vinyl Wrapping Dodge Center caps // Mopar Rhombus edition


Extreme Closeup of the center caps Cut and Uncut On IMGUR


I was messing around with the idea of adding color to my center caps.  Wrapping looks good, offers a lot of color options at a good price.  This is my first time wrapping a complex shape and I’ve only have a few experiences with vinyl all together.


For anyone interested in Vinyl application techniques, I’m compiling a playlist of videos that have helped me with Wrapping…


Center Caps
No affiliation with Steve White, I buy from them because I always see them in groups helping the Mopar Community.


Hyperblack 2


Vinyl Samples
No Affiliation with Metro Restyling, I like the fact they sell samples and different lengths making it very easy to test on a small and large scale

Find the color you want and order the sample from the drop down.


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Luxe Auto Concepts
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Storm Trooper Decals


Grdian Defendr+ DashCam

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G2 Caliper Paint

The Orange Kit I used (amazon associate Link)

The Black Kit I used (amazon associate Link)

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