Update on the Air Install and we have a NEW Project Car


Week 4 of the install, it’s taking longer than expected due to a few quirks with my Early 2015 Challenger.  I’m hoping to get her on the road next week tho….   Also introducing the New (to me) 2005 Magnum R/T AWD.


What is the Endo-CVT?

INTERNAL WABCO COMPRESSOR – The internal WABCO compressor refills the tank with completely dry air at a rate twice as fast as the current market standard compressor.

DIGITAL INTELLIGENCE – Internal ECU monitors tank pressure, compressor head temperature, and ambient moisture levels to optimize compressor operation, provide maximum duty cycle, as well as regenerate the built-in desiccant air dryer as required.

SILENT OPERATION – Near silent operation due to a patent pending primary and secondary isolation system that softly suspends the compressor inside the tank body.

VALVE-INTEGRATED TANK CAPS – Includes the solenoid valves and air tank all in one easy to mount package

ADJUSTABLE FLOW CONTROL – Built-in VFC™ (variable flow control) adjusters allow for end user adjustment of the speed of each corner and each direction individually.

FILTERED PORTS – FFPT (fully-filtered-push-to-connect) air fittings eliminate the risk of debris-induced valve problems common with all other solenoid valves on the market.

BOLTED CONSTRUCTION – Modular and bolted construction makes disassembly possible for maintenance and upgrades.

DOT RATED AND TESTED – The only DOT Approved Aluminum air tank for air suspension. Certified to 200 psi and tested to an incredible 1324 psi burst pressure.

Stuff you saw in this video 

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Advanced Audio setup

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