Sema 2017 Walkthrough – Part 2 | PriuSRT8 | We go DRIFTING


Highlights of SEMA 2017 without all the walking… Days 2 and 3 starting off with some Drifting in the Continental / BMW experience. Don’t forget to check out my first video Here

41:44 Fellow NJ Head Turner on display at SEMA NJSublimeHell

8:37 Figuring out a Crazy TURBO setup
14:57 DIODE Dynamics
15:45 Pacific Rim and Trim
25:02 Dakota Digital Booth
28:06 Baer Booth
28:30 SpeedKore Mustang
35:04 Avery Dennison Booth Justin Pate
36:44 PriusSRT8
38:27 Firebirds


Filmed on the The GoPro Hero 6 even the AUDIO from the drift experience. That new wind noise cancellation is killing the game!
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