– Part 1 – Removing the Challenger Seat Belts


Part 1 of my 2 part seat belt replacement journey is officially WorkPlayDrive Approved!



Sometime last year I got this bug that I needed custom seat belts and I thought my only option was to order a set of OEM Red SRT belts for about $300 each belt.  Shortly after searching Google my cookies do what they always do and put targeted Facebook and Instagram adds in my face.  This is how I Discovered I sent them an email inquiry and the rest is history…

Mike Bosley and I went back and forth a bit due to my inability to decide on a color then after spotting his Red Edge Post I finally removed and shipped out my belts. They re-webbed and shipped back next day. They also offer same day turn around if you call ahead and arrange for it. I was out of the country with no access to my car so I was not in a rush.


They are building a more robust online commerce site now, while this is ongoing your may need to arrange everything by phone or email, which is great, because they are an awesome group of people to work with.



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