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The folks over at zAutomotive have done it again and released the latest firmware 2.4.4i which adds a buttload of new awesome features, today we will go over the the Windows up/down from Keyfob. This will require you to be running firmware 2.4.3 or greater if you don’t want to unmarry.


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2.4.4i – 02/04/19 (Beta release)

  • Added DarkMode to live features to kill all exterior lights (when not in motion)
  • Added Windows up/down from keyfob (lock 6x = up, unlock 6x or unlock unlock hold = down)
  • Fixed Aux video switching for UAS/UAQ radio, now can control front camera too.
  • Changed Full Reboot to not include ABS system, so tire size changes on Durango and GC will now work.
  • Added Drive mode memory options for Trackhawk
  • Added ForceAWD to button remap options
  • Tire size adjustment now in inches tire height.
  • Fixed PeakRPM function.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • No need to unmarry if upgrading from 2.4.3



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