Paintball at Skirmish USA (Full length)


Watch the action Packed trailer stick around for the 42 minutes of almost uncut action. Not my usual, but fits in the PLAY category.

We usually play at least one per year, I’m coming off a knee injury so I went pretty easy this round.  I want to start getting back into a few outing per year.   Let me know what gear you guys love!

My gear 

I Paid full retail price for all the gear below, but I’m trying something different with my links.  I signed up for the amazon Affiliate program, if you make a purchase using my links below a small % goes to WorkPlayDrive at no additional cost to you. “WorkPlayDrive is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to”


I play in jeans, hoodie and some serious rain boots.  with the gear below strapped to my back.  The FIRST gear you should spend your money on is a mask.  Playing with rentals will RUIN your day.  They fog up in minutes and make the rest of the game unplayable.  I recommended the vForce Grills because they are lightweight and flexible, with a great field of view and many lens options.  I have not yet tried the dual pane lenses but will SOON
Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun – Dust Grey / Orange

This one was pretty expensive once you factor in the mechanical hopper, but an amazing reliable market thus far.   I felt I deserved an upgrade for a few years I had been playing with a Tippmann 98 Custom I picked up on eBay for $30.00 Still a reliable Marker, but I wanted the orange accented beauty.

Exalt Paintball FreeFlex Slide Shorts – Gray – Large

Great to keep your giblets protected in battle, I don’t slide but the side padding offers a little extra protection from the hits to your thighs.

GXG Deluxe Tactical Paintball Vests

I have a remote line tank, and 4 hoppers on the back making this thing back heavy.  It’s adjustable in the waist area and shoulders to give you a good fit running around all day.  It has a set of nylon straps on the front to loop into your belt keeping the vest from riding backwards.  On most of our outings I’ll wear the vest from 9am – 4pm while running and hiking to different fields.

Tippmann Deluxe Remote Line

I’ve been using this for a few years now, transferred from my Tippmann 98 Custom and works with my empire just fine.  The coil is great as long as you open the valve on the tank BEFORE connecting yo your marker.
V-Force Grill Paintball Mask/Goggles SE

I’ve had these for a few years now as well in black, I’m really thingking of upgrading to the orange just because…   I grabbed the Amber Lenses because they really highlight things and make movement more noticeable.   The only downside is it’s difficult to tell what color armbands people are wearing at times due to the yellow tint.




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