Met a Stranger from Reddit so I can check out his Challenger GT


Met this guy on Reddit just and asked to meet up so I can check out one of the first Challenger GTs in my area. … Actually I asked him to join our Wednesday night Club meet.

Looking for a club in North Jersey area, Active and organized, check out


Challenger GT Specs

  • 305 Horsepower 3.6-Liter V6 24-Valve VVT Engine
  • 8 Speed Automatic Transmission
  • 19-Inch x 7.5-Inch Alum Painted Hyperblack Wheels
  • 235/55R19 BSW All Season Performance Tires



On-demand AllWheel Drive (AWD) The system minimizes wheel slip by automatically redirecting torque to the front and rear wheels as necessary.  For fuel economy, the AWD defaults to rear-wheel drive (RWD) under normal conditions. when the top secret conditions for slippage are met the vehicle automatically switches to AWD.


Known Automatic AWD events

  • outside temperature (owner states below 37F)
  • wheel slip
  • Dodge secret sauce
  • Of course there is a small delay when slippage occurs for the AWD to Kick in

Manual AWD engagement you can turn on AWD by doing the following:

  • AutoStick mode (+/-)
  • Engage Sport Mode
  • Activating the wipers for an extended period of time, LOL my favorite way to add power before launch


“Launch mode engaged, Wipers on …wait 2 minutes… and GO!!!”

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