Grdian Krios Mini unboxing and product info


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Unboxing the Krios mini, this cam is super simple to install and use. The Krios Mini is a great gift for the holiday season. Dash Cams are a must to protect your investment and your family.  The footage is from an accident involving my wife kids and our pet hedgehog, everyone was OK but the other driver ran, then when he finally turned himself in he lied about running the light.  Because of the dash cam footage we were able to quickly clear up issues with the police report and payment for our losses.




The Grdian Krios Pro Dual cam system is up for Pre-Order now and Ships late January. I have one of these on the way for the WPD challenger!

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I have not tested this system but I have owned and used Grdian for over 2 years now and I have been happy with their products.





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