Challenger Lit Inlet tubes from Fasty’s garage – How to Install


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Something I’ve wanted since I saw my First T/A with the lit inlet tube. Now Fasty’s Garage has made this a reality with an easy to install kit.

You can install this kit in just over an hour and the color customization is endless.



“RGBW lighted air inlet tubes with standard or custom design logo’s. The AIT fits in the center inlet of the headlight inclosure and provides a unique lighted effect. Our product includes all the necessary wiring and supplies for installation. Controlled from a bluetooth smart app controller you can set the lighting to any color as well as connect them to the turn signals for switchback type operation. Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping custom orders. Proudly made in Texas!”


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Advanced Audio setup

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Lit Inlet Tubes

2015+ Challenger

2015 Challenger
2016 Challenger
2017 Challenger
2018 Challenger
2019 Challenger

Challenger Hellcat
Challenger SXT
Challenger T/A
Challenger Scat Pack


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