Cervinis Challenger Shaker kit Part 1 (6.4L \ 392 Hemi) Order and Unboxing

The Cervini’s Shaker kit totally transformed my Scat Pack into the mean machine it is today. The install is relatively quick and easy for 2 people to perform and can be completed in a few hours.

Part 1
I wanted to go over the order process because there were a lot of questions regarding what to order, should I paint it, etc. I also cover the unboxing 4:35 and a few things I dealt with. ¬†Black 392 Hemi badge, not OEM but looks good, I needed to DIP this one because the 392 was satin and the HEMI was gloss. They have been on since August and no issues so far… ¬†http://a.co/h2HfhLH


You can get really nice color matched ones from from American Brother Designs, but they are OVER 20X the price each so for this mod I went china special.


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