Billet Technology Hellcat Oil Catch Can Install


In this video I cover the installation of the Hellcat Billet Technology Oil Catch Can and also show what you get with the Hellcat conversion kit if you upgrade your car like I did and want to move your 3.6L, 5.7L or 6.4L Hemi catch can to the hellcat. I have the Firewall mounted crank case overflow catch can shown in this video. We will cover that install in a few weeks. Both products and the options I selected are linked below.

In this video I reference the Engineering Explained video Titled – Do Oil Catch Cans Actually Work? Check that out for detailed info on Oil Catch Cans

Billet Technology Stuff in this video

  1. Billet Technology Signature Series Catch Can For HELLCAT (Charger & Challenger)
    + Finish Burnt Orange
    + Braided Lines with color matched ends
    + Black Powder coated fittings
  2. Hellcat Billet Technology Crank Case Over Flow Catch Can for Hellcat Challenger ONLY (firewall)

+ Finish Burnt Orange
+ Braided Lines with color matched ends
+ Black Powder coated fittings


If you have a BT catch can and traded up from a Scat Pack or a 3.6L, 5.7L, 6.1L, or 6.4L Hemi to a Hellcat then just grab the Hellcat Conversion Kit

Once a happy customer, now fully sponsored by Billet Technology I proudly represent them and I am thankful for their help in making my car look so amazing. My arrangement with Billet Technology is quite simple, they give me parts for my car and and from time to time they ask me for a few photos.

I have no obligation to make videos or provide content influencing your purchases. As you know from past videos my thoughts and recommendations are not swayed by free stuff. My goal is to provide honest first impressions, thoughts and reviews, as well as detailed instructional videos.

– Mike

Stuff used in this video

  1. Microfiber towels
  2. Kobalt 20-Piece (SAE) and Metric Combo Ratchet Wrench Set


Recording Gear

Advanced Audio setup

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