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Challenger Hellcat No Drill Front Plate Install Sto-n-Sho

The awesome Sto-N-Sho NO DRILL license Plate mount, keeps your Hellcat legal without putting a single blemish on your front bumper.   Check out my review video from 2 years ago on the Scat Pack lower bumper version.  This one is still going strong and featured in this video.  The hellcat passed NJ State inspection at the Paramus MVC Inspection Center with my Sto-N-Sho holding my front plate.


At the time of this post March of 2019 there are 31 states require front plates while 19 only require 1 rear plate.  If you are lucky enough to live in one of those 19 states, this product is NOT for you …and know the rest of us are a little jealous.


For me, getting around this law is not an option, I left my Sto-N-Sho off once and was immediately stopped on my commute home from work.  Something to consider as well, we are putting an officer’s safety at risk, when they have to get out into traffic just to issue a warning about a law we are fully aware of.  NJ fines for a missing plate are up to $100 and for those of you that like to sport “Euro Plates” this is considered displaying fictitious numbers which carries a fine of up to $500.00


The Sto-N-Sho is my favorite solution after using the lower mount for almost 4 years on my Challenger Scat Pack it was only obvious, my first mod for the Hellcat was the Sto-N-Sho mount centered on the bumper.  Don’t forget to get a set of NJ legal License plate Frames to finish off the look.   I reached out to Big Mike’s Performance Parts and they were kind enough to send me this one along with a box of swag for free.  …I guess they liked my review video 😉   Special thanks to the sales team over at Big Mike’s Performance Parts for the hookup!

Note: I paid full price for my Scat Pack Sto-N-Sho


You can get the Sto-N-Sho at the following sites

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