zAuotmotive TaZer Firmware Update 2.4.3 – ZPU Upgrade install


Upgrading the zAutomotive TaZer to version 2.4.3 this is an all new video to go over a few USB troubleshooting steps.  It covers the new fetch and update functionality of the latest ZPU software and we also touch on the new nested TaZer menu setup.


Also see this video on How to using the Marry feature in Version 2.4 


2.4.3 – 03/08/18


  • Added TravelLink disable
  • Changed to submenu structure
  • Added Cluster Swap code
  • Fixed InMotionNav and Aux Videos
  • Added coverage for radio swaps
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • No need to unmarry if upgrading from 2.4.1 or 2.4.2

2.4.2 – 02/05/18


  • Added Cargo Camera input on uconnect
  • Added Boost Gauge
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

2.4.1 – 11/30/17


  • One touch return to stock – Download Factory settings to your tazer, for one-touch return to stock configurations
  • Auto-Drive Mode (16+ SCAT/SRT/HELLCAT): Vehicle will be able to start in whichever Drive mode selection you would like (Sport/Custom/Track/Default
  • Auto- Drive mode (15+ SXT/RT): Vehicle will be able to start in Sport Mode
  • Auto-Drive Mode (12+ Durango/Jeep GC):  vehicle will be able to start in sport mode/auto turn traction control off
  • Auto Start/Stop Disable (15+ Durango/ Jeep GC) : Completely disable Auto Start/Stop
  • Modify Tire Size: Corrects speedometer for non-factory tire size
  • Modify Tire Pressure: Corrects TPMS for lower or higher tire pressure (FRONT/Rear)
  • IN-Motion (2017) – Enter address into your gps unit while the car is in motion
  • Easy Exit Seating (2015+ Challenger/Charger): upon vehicle shut off. Steering wheel and seat will go to further position for easy vehicle exit
  • Updated Button Mapping: COOL DOWN MODE Now added to button mapping feature / Drive Modes to work even with eco mode on*
  • Line lock update (16+ Scat/SRT/HELLCAT): Vehicle Will automatically go into custom drive mode once line lock is released
  • Added a “full reboot” option which does a sequence of module reboots for setting to take effect right away
  • (plus all changes from 2.3.2)


  • Warnings Added – Vehicle Must be set to run position or “Key Not On” will appear on evic screen
  • Reboot on config menu exit – Auto reboot modules upon exiting config menu, this is to prevent from vehicle battery consumption
  • Light Show Fixes:
    • more reliable key fob activation
    • Reliable Light show transitions – Prevents blank show from running
    • Automatically disables un-configured custom light shows
    • Durango/Ram – Turn Signals now active on instrument cluster
  • Line lock / Force RWD  update- Reliability of line lock/ Forced RWD  update




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