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Dash Cam Fun – Road Rage – Hit and Run Deer and more…



This is the first in what may become a series… Interesting tings I’ve captured on Dash cam  over the last 2 years.  In this video you will see some road Rage, we hit a deer not once, but twice.  Flying Fur groomers spraying dirty dog water all over us.  My son laughing so hard he couldn’t breathe due to a motorcycle scaring him and much more.


Dash Cam – GRDIAN Defendr+ Affiliate code “workplaydrive” $5.00 off.

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Another cam featured in this video is the Papago Go Safe 200  This is my oldest and most versatile cam.  I still love it to this day and now it’s super cheap.


Raw uncompressed Dash cam footage

You must (Right Click and Save As) Then play using your normal media player Quicktime, VLC Player or Windows Media Player recommended

The 2 videos below are worst case Daytime fopotage, same place and time driving into morning low hanging Sun, the only difference between the 2 is a $6 CPL (ploarizer) filter added to eliminate dash glare.

DAY DRIVING (right click and save)
This is 1920×1080 with the camera as is out of the box, quality is good, but with all dash cams the dashboad glare annoys me. I use the footage for cruising videos and other stuff so I prefer a clean video.

CPL FILTER ADDED (right click and save)
This is 1920 x 1080 with a stick on CPL (polarizer) I picked it up from eBay for $6.00 for another camera and it happen to stick on this one as well almost eliminating the glare

2560×1080 FOOTAGE (right click and save)
The GRDIAN also has a 2560 x 1080 mode which is really nice, here is the raw footage from a club run.

NIGHT DRIVING (right click and save)
1920 x 1080 Night footage (note, I have tinted headlights and these roads have almost no lighting I need to find some clips on well lit highways.

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Extreme Spicy Ramen Noodle Challenge 2x Spicy 8,808 SHU


Not my usual content but when I get challenged by HemiFam I need to man up….

Challenged by Ryan from Hemifam

Check out Ryan’s video VLOG: 01 | 2x EXTREME SPICY RAMEN NOODLE CHALLENGE!!!

I challenged these Guys go Check them out
Yellow Fellow
Mission Flyer


T/A Video Coming soon Thanks to Marissa “Red” Molnar
Instagram: @G0_Red_Racer



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NoWeeds Diverter
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DIY Vinyl Wrap Planning and Practice on the Challenger Scat Pack



After weeks of testing samples I’ve finally selected the color for my 2015 Challenger Scat Pack. I feel sampling it on the car is a very important step as most colors have different personalities in various indoor and outdoor lighting conditions. For this test I purchased a 1 foot by 5 foot strip and applied using the same method I planned on using for the final wrap.


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Vinyl and Tools 

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WorkPlayDrive APPROVED Products

Luxe Auto Concepts
I’m a Luxe affiliate your purchases save you money 15% as of right now and help my channel a little.

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Storm Trooper Decals
Grdian Defendr+ DashCam
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G2 Caliper Paint
The Orange Kit I used (amazon associate Link)
The Black Kit I used (amazon associate Link)
For more G2 Info head over to my site, I’ll keep any current discounts and info here.

Trunk Pull
This is the Trunk pull I spoke about, super simple install!
GPC Trunk Pull –



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Met a Stranger from Reddit so I can check out his Challenger GT


Met this guy on Reddit just and asked to meet up so I can check out one of the first Challenger GTs in my area. … Actually I asked him to join our Wednesday night Club meet.

Looking for a club in North Jersey area, Active and organized, check out


Challenger GT Specs

  • 305 Horsepower 3.6-Liter V6 24-Valve VVT Engine
  • 8 Speed Automatic Transmission
  • 19-Inch x 7.5-Inch Alum Painted Hyperblack Wheels
  • 235/55R19 BSW All Season Performance Tires



On-demand AllWheel Drive (AWD) The system minimizes wheel slip by automatically redirecting torque to the front and rear wheels as necessary.  For fuel economy, the AWD defaults to rear-wheel drive (RWD) under normal conditions. when the top secret conditions for slippage are met the vehicle automatically switches to AWD.


Known Automatic AWD events

  • outside temperature (owner states below 37F)
  • wheel slip
  • Dodge secret sauce
  • Of course there is a small delay when slippage occurs for the AWD to Kick in

Manual AWD engagement you can turn on AWD by doing the following:

  • AutoStick mode (+/-)
  • Engage Sport Mode
  • Activating the wipers for an extended period of time, LOL my favorite way to add power before launch


“Launch mode engaged, Wipers on …wait 2 minutes… and GO!!!”

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Vlog 03 Election Day VOTE G2, Proclip, Luxe, Cervinis and more

Vote for my next project…. What would you like to see. Table of Contents below!

13:53 Voting Starts
15:21 Am I getting PAID for this

Vote On products
0:48 Luxe Auto Concepts
5:10 Dash Cams
6:58 Steering AUX button Install Z Automotive TaZer
8:06 Cervinis Shaker Install Talk
9:12 ProClip Installs Tablet Mounts
11:11 G2 Caliper Paint and PT Cruiser talk

PTeazer website


G2 Caliper Paint Kits

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The Orange Kit I used
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The Black Kit I used
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