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Being a creator, I find it very difficult to find quality copyright free music.  I spend hours searching and cataloging music for my videos, and feel sharing this work may help others enjoy Royalty free music.

Copyright Claims

My experiencing with loss of video monetization due to false copyright claims was extremely annoying.  Cataloging the music I use and keeping keeping track of the License and attribution really helps in these scenarios.

Our Promise

WorkPlayDrive Music is where I will store all of the royalty free music I use or plan to use on my channel.  Each video description will contain the following:

  • Links to original artists download from the original site
  • The current license information with date I last verified
  • All the data in one place to ensure you can use the songs in your monetized videos, with everything you need to fight a false copyright strike.

The playlists in this channel are organized by mood and genre. Feel free to use one of our playlists for background music and find the right No copyright sounds for your next monetized video.

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Products seen in this video


We put a lot of time and effort into our cars, and of course money.  The more we do, the more we are concerned with parking it places.  I have an awesome dash cam and I want to use it for extended parking more, but at times I’m worried about my battery. 


 If you don’t have a dash cam already check out these 2 videos 


If you do, I’ve got yet another exclusive from, that will allow for up to 48-hours (about 2 days) of parking mode recording without ever taking a sip of your car battery.  I want to thank for sending me this product for free to install and evaluate.  They are one of a small group of companies I work with that allow me to speak freely on their products.   

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Satin Tinted Shifter – Luxe Stealth LightWrap


A super quick video on making your Shifter have a fresh Satin tinted finish using a $2.00 piece of  Luxe LightWrap.

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Products seen in this video

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New WorkPlayDrive Exclusive Challenger Merch is out

Exclusive Dodge Challenger Shirts, Hoodies and more…

Head over to our TeeSpring Store and check out the WorkPlayDrive Exclusive Challenger collection.  We have both the original Dodge Challenger and the Widebody Challenger styles in many of the factory colors.  Artwork by Brian Seenarine.

  • Destroyer Gray
  • B5 Blue
  • F8 Green
  • Yellow Jacket
  • Go Mango
  • And for a limited time you can also grab my slammed 2 tone widebody

Need another color, DM me on Instagram and I’ll work on getting one in the shop for you.



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TuxMat for Dodge Challenger / Charger – Before you buy


TuxMat makes a great product, they look amazing, the fitment is very good and the look and feel are very pleasing.  Full all weather carpet coverage with a luxury look in both the front and back seat makes these mats stand out from the rest of the products in this space.  However the wow factor is crushed the moment you open he box and find your $200.00+ purchase folded up and shoved in the box.  The packing process creates unsightly creases and deformities that I HOPE will go away over time.

I love the look and feel, full coverage and the non-slip luxury look.  Am I able to live with the defects introduced by the poor packing, will my OCD get the best of me and cause me to return them?  Stay tuned…


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Components in this video

Note: RWD and AWD models have different Mat sizes

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Bagging the Challenger Widebody Hellcat – Episode 2 Tank Plumbing


Episode 2 covers plumbing the air tank and preparing for testing. We review the Air Line tips and sizes. How to make sure you have the correct NPT and PTC parts to get your system ready. How to properly use thread sealant and PTC fittings to prevent leaks in your system. Tank pressure safety and some items you should have with you at all times in case of an issue with your system.


Components in this video

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