Month: April 2019

She’s not a Shaker Scat Pack anymore…


Sad day today… I pulled the Cervinis Shaker kit off my Scat Pack as part of the month long process of returning her to stock. With the Shaker kit removed and the Billet Technology bling transferred to the Hellcat this looks nothing like my car.

The Cervinis Challenger Shaker Hood kit came with everything I needed to convert my Stock Challenger to a Shaker. The Cervini’s Kit is slightly larger and more aggressive looking than the OEM Mopar Shaker. This was my main reason for selecting Cervinis.

I chose the matte finish for the shaker and it held up very well ove the 3 years it was installed, the finish looks as good as the day I bought it. The hood was prepped and painted Pitch Black by Cervinis and they nailed the color match very well.

I will truly miss this mod…

I feel the Cervinis is much better than the stock shaker option. Why better you ask? Cervinis offers a perfect seal between the hood and the shaker outlet allowing NO HOT ENGINE AIR into the airbox. This coupled with the mopar intake tube  allowing ram air from the headlight and you have an amazing cold air intake setup with an aggressive hood to match. If you are interested in seeing more info about the Cervinis kit and why I ordered it check out Cervinis Challenger Shaker kit Part 1

You can get the Sto-N-Sho at the following sites

Stuff you Saw in this video

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Advanced Audio setup

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Scat Pack Mods for Sale

Fasty’s Garage Lit Inlet tubes
with IP68 and Turn signal Scat Pack bee
Bought New $484.98
Selling these for $375.00 $10 shipping insured (If it’s over I’ll cover the rest of the shipping costs)


Full Air Suspension
  • Accuair air management Total I paid before Tax $3194.00I will sell for $2750.00 (Details Below)
  • Universal Air Aero 2 kit (Bags and adjustable struts), If you want my suspension as well I paid $1874.00 I will take  I will sell for $1400.00 (Details Below)
Accuair Endo-CVT tank is brand new, it was replaced due to a valve issue and installed in February.
All plugs and the drain have been installed with Loctite 565 and cured for 5 hours at 90 degrees before pressurizing.  It’s mounted to a board with the eLevel components and iLevel, the wiring harness has already been re-pinned per the instructions to support the Endo-CVT.  All wiring is FULL LENGTH I did not cut the power and ground wires.  I can hand it over already
mounted to the board.
Accuair Endo-CVT in Black Cerekote


$1,649.00 – what I paid


e-Level controller with touchpad in Black Cerekote
All sensors and sensor wiring harness brand new and not installed, with all screws included in unopened packaging.
  • $1,195.00 – what I paid



iLevel WiFi Receiver

  • $350.00 – what I paid


You will only need to buy DOT approved 3/8 airbrake line to connect to your bags which is inexpensive..


Suspension Bags and Struts

My suspension kit is the Universal Air Aero 2 kit, If you want my suspension as well I paid $1874. I will take  $1400.00 for the bags, struts and 3/8 fittings.  I will confirm with universal that the warranty is transferable.







SOLD Cervinis Shaker with Mopar Hood Pins  (Local Pickup only NJ)Hellcat-9453
SOLD Bought NEW Mopar Hood Pins $295.00
SOLD Bought NEW Full Cervinis Shaker Kit, with Intake Painted Pitch Black $1,950.00
SOLD Selling all for $1,250.00